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Jumbo Housings

Jumbo Housings
Single Jumbo Cartridge Housings

Jumbo cartridge filter housings are designed to accept a single cartridge for easy installation and replacement. Options include 304L or 316L stainless steel; band clamp or swing bolt closures. Design pressure 150 psi (10 bar) @300º F (149º C). Standard inlet and outlet connections are 2” MNPT, with pressure gauges body mounted for easy viewing of differential pressure. Standard finish is Poly-coat over stainless. All Jumbo models are standard with mounting legs and grounding lug. Standard gasket is FDA grade Buna-N. Electro polishing and other options are available by special order.

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Pleated Jumbo Cartridges

* Media: 100% Synthetic Poly / Polyester Blend
* Center Tubes: PVC
* End Caps: Molded / Polyurethane
* Temperature Range: 40 - 140
* Packaging: Individually shrink wrapped
* Reusable: 5 micron and above are washable and reusable
* Recommended Change Out: 20-25 PSID

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