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Hydraulic Filters & Housings

Hydraulic Filters & Housings

Contamination is the leading cause of mechanical wear and premature component failure!
“Ninety (90%) percent of servo system failures are the result of contaminated hydraulic
fluid” (The Society of Plastics Industry, Inc., 6/1995, Publication No. AN-129).

The above is still appropriate today as servo system tolerances become tighter and system pressures increase.

At Filtration Solutions our goal is to achieve greater reliability of your hydraulic and lubrication equipment achieving its’ peak performance. By properly applying filtration products, Filtration Solutions Inc. can solve a range of contamination challenges in both hydraulic and lube oils. We have a proven 3 step approach to achieve results. Give us a call and we can arrange a time to meet and review.

o Understanding Filter Media
o ISO Codes: What are the numbers all about?
o Filter Element
o Spin-On Filters and Assemblies
o Low Pressure Filter Housings
o High Pressure Filter Housings
o Phosphate Ester Fluid Solutions
o Fluid Conditioning Equipment
o Duplex Filter Assemblies
o Fluid Analysis & Monitoring
o Mobile Filtration
o Reservoir Accessories

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